Product: America Pharma Whey Isolate 

America Pharma Whey Isolate 


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Get ready to replenish your daily nutrition with America Pharma Whey Isolate. America Pharma Isolate is the latest technological breakthrough in tailor made protein development for athletes. This product contains the highest percentage of protein by composition of any whey protein product on the market. The premium whey isolate packed with 28 grams of pure isolate protein per serving which assist in quick muscle recovery post workout. Quality isolate whey proteins have been associated with many healthful benefits such as anti-oxidant activity, and enhancing the immune system. The benefits of Isolate to the athlete go way beyond the fast absorption and muscle building qualities of whey protein. The whey protein isolate in Isolate plays a significant role in an athlete’s immune system and anti-oxidant activity Besides, it consists of superior amino acid profile which helps in muscle recovery 

Product Detail: 

  • 28G Pure Isolate Protein Per Serving 
  • 5G Glutamine Per Serving 
  • 6G BCAA Per Serving 
  • 1 Scoop Per Serving 
  • Total of 130 Servings  




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