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Extreme Push Up Board  


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Get ready to workout with the extreme push up board. A simple and portable fitness gear that allows you to train your total body at anywhere without any professional equipment needed. A simple board which helps you to perform proper push up form effectively . It is easy carry and able to develops chest, shoulders, triceps, and back muscles. On top of that, it uses unique colour coded system to identify the muscle groups.  


Product Details: 

  • Portable Design 
  • Improves Strength, Endurance, Speed and Agility 
  • Effectively Promotes Proper Push Up Form 
  • Maximizes Overall Upper Body Strength and Endurance 
  • Develops Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Back Muscles 
  • Premium, Cushioned, Non- Slip Hand Grips 
  • Identifies Muscle Groups Worked Using Unique Colour Coded System (Blue- Chest, Red- Shoulders, Yellow- Back,  Green- Triceps) 
  • Combines Power Press Push Up with Home Cardio, Plyometric and Core Exercise for A Total Body Workout
  • Dimension: 60.80 x 18.50 x 2cm 




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