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Melilea Organic Henry Apple Orchard


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Apple Orchard is the healthier choice that for young and old to enjoy every day! For instant refreshment, nothing hits the right spot better than Apple Orchard. And it couldn’t be easier or more convenient. Just mix two or three scoops in icy cold water and you’ve got a glassful of natural goodness that will quench your thirst instantly. Apple Orchard is a blend of freshly squeezed green apple, lime, rosehip and cranberry juices that is then transformed into crystals to seal in their powerful vitamin C and other nutrients.  


The 3 Healthy Functions 

1. Improves physique and strengthens body health. 

Cleanses your body and at the same time, provides your body with balanced nutrition in order to improve your body health. 

2. Strengthens the Skin from Inside Out 

A product for regulating your internal body, which provides nutrients to your skin, making it healthy and beautiful. 

3. Traditionally Used for Strengthening Body 

Functional organic food with body regulating efficacious strengthens your body and improves your health. 



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