Product: Standard Straight Bar 1.8M

Standard Straight Bar 1.8M


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Get ready to install your favourite weight plates on this standard straight bar. It has a total length of 1.8 meter. When performing action like biceps curl, the straight bar provides better biceps activation to some extent since you are curling in full supination. If you are not experience any wrist injury, straight bar is a great choice to you since it is able to maximize bicep muscle growth. It is a simple fitness gear which helps you to extend your training.


Product Details:   

  • 1.8 Meter Chrome Standard Straight Bar 
  • Sturdy and Solid Steel 
  • Pairs of Plated Solid Steel Spinlock Collars Included 
  • Great for Toning and Strength Training 
  • Suitable for 2.5Cm Hole Weight Plate 



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