Product: Vita Xtrong L- Carnitine X500

Vita Xtrong L- Carnitine X500


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Simply get your idea physique with Vita Xtrong L- Carnitine X500. Vita Xtrong L-Carnitine X500 combines with Cla Xtreme which able to lose your weight in no time. It helps anyone who wants to lose their unsightly fat, weight without taking harsh side effect. Vita Xrong L-Carnitine X500 supplies 500mg per capsule of the most bioavailable, easy-to-absorb form of carnitine ever – L-Carnitine. Proven to help your body turn unwanted fat into powerful energy, L-Carnitine can help you burn more fat, improve your workouts, and support cognitive function too. Besides, it increases body metabolism and stamina during your daily workout. On top of that, it breaks down fat in the body and convert to energy which take place in workout.


Product Detail: 

  • Increase Muscle Tone  And Endurance
  • Turn Fat Into Fuel
  • L Carnitine
  • Carbo Blocker
  • 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Quality
  • Total of 100 Tablets 


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